Grain Thief is a 5-piece Americana band from Boston, Massachusetts. The self-proclaimed "Northern Country Barn Grass" band is currently recording an EP set to be released in Spring 2015. The band is songwriter/singer/guitarist Patrick Mulroy, Tom Farrell on guitar, Zach Meyer on Mandolin, Alex Barstow on Violin, and Mike Harmon on the Bass fiddle. 


Well, people. Just wrapped up a sweet week of life including a South Shore gig with the Houston Bernard Band. Check them out next Saturday at Loretta’s Last call.

As for Grain Thief, we will be headlining the Americana night at Copperfields, we go on at 10pm so don;t be late. Event details below

This will be the first official show for Zach Meyers and Joe Angellis who will be joining us on Mandolin and Drums after Ezra and Russell departed for other adventures in other parts of the world.


It’s here. The moment you’ve all been waiting for.... 

It’s here. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s taking us absolutely forever to get this together, but we have certainly not been fucking around. Thanks to the band: Ezra, Russell, and Tom; and to John Russell for playing with us and mixing the damn thing. Big thanks to Libby Mulroy for hooking up the dope fresh art work.

The new EP is available at http://music.grainthief.com You can pay what you like or download for free. There is a bonus track included in the download. Hard copies will be available in July.

Anyone in the Boston area on May 23 can hear us play at Copperfield’s at 10pm.

John is hard at work mixing the new EP which is gonna be tasty In other news I started a snow... 

John is hard at work mixing the new EP which is gonna be tasty

In other news I started a snow removal company with two of my best buddies; this relates to music how? Well,… http://snowwayboston.com is the website and if anyone needs snow removal in cambridge, we got you dog!

(just tryin to generate leads, ya heard)

Honestly, man can’t live on bread alone, and google hits don’t generate themselves alone. Chock this B up as self promotion of the other kind.

Exciting things Running Amok 

Russell, John, and I locked ourselves in our “studio” for 5 days, and now the mixing and mastering has begun. Look out for what moms across my mother’s house have been calling “The Record of the Century”



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